LNG powered

Freight transport is one of the main contributors to global warming. 

Reducing emissions is essential to stopping it, which is why we offer freight transport using LNG vehicles. 

Natural gas - NG, is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

It is obtained by extracting or processing organic waste, then referred to as bio.

By supercooling the gas to temperatures as low as -162 ᵒC, it is liquefied - LNG.

The advantage of liquefaction is a 600% reduction in volume and faster refuelling.

The LNG vehicle has a significantly longer range than a CNG vehicle.

Compared to a EURO 6d diesel vehicle, the emissions are lower by

20 to 30 % CO2 (depends on the load weight, terrain and weather).

Of course, there is the possibility of a daily report on the emissions emitted.

With bio-LNG it will be possible to reduce CO2 by up to 100% in the future.

We offer transport with this vehicle within the Czech Republic, Germany and Benelux countries.